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There is no faster
and easier way
to get Fit

Fastercise is the first program to:

  • Cater to people with zero free time

  • Save time rather than cost time*

  • Be completely portable: wherever, whenever, in any attire

  • Manage appetite with exercise and exercise with appetite

  • Shift the body from storage mode to forage mode

  • Mimic instinctive shivering and morning stretches as exercise

  • Focus on building up your mitochondria (powerhouses of your cells that burn fat and generate energy)

*With Fastercise you can save time normally spent in eating, exercising, and sleeping and feeling drowsy

Fastercise Participants

Our coaching clients are canceling their hunger and refreshing their fitness in just a few minutes a day so they can live their best lives.  Share your own results! #fasterciseresults

Chelsea D.

I love Fastercise!  It's quick and easy, so I can exercise at any time during the day without “scheduling” a workout time.  It's fast and effective .  1-2 minutes of shivercise or tightercise instead of an hour of regular exercise. 

Kinsey M.

I felt so alone and out of options.  This program has been a game-changer for me.  First real results in 10 years.  I'm down 55 pounds in about 6 months and it's so exciting!  Fastercise feels sustainable for life.

Indira S.

My all time favorite is shivercise.  It's super easy and quick to do at work.  Thank you Thank you [Hugs]

Lisa H - 36 y.o.

I performed the exercise and, at first, seemed strange not to be a specific exercise such as at a gym.... but then realized I could use this everywhere and did not have to be in the gym to exercise and burn extra calories.   I used it mostly in the evening as I am a snacker and it was effective when everyone around me was snacking around me, so It gave something else to focus on and it did abate my cravings."

I liked the idea of using this strategically in the workplace.  I am an Emergency Room doctor and often there are tempting foods in the ER for hurried fast-paced workers that satisfy cravings in stressful and busy situations( which tends to be the entire shift).  I have fastercised and it did help abate the food cravings while I was sitting at my desk.  The 3 other providers did not even notice or know that I was effectively performing health management, by burning calories, fending off cravings and feeling more in control within 5-10 minutes.  I continue to use it today.

Carlene S. - 50 y.o.

I was encouraged to use fastercise at times that I was most vulnerable to snacking and eating food items not on my health management plan.  I already had lost 45lbs and still wanted to maintain my weight loss and lose another 15lb.   I am happy to say that I am down another 10lbs with the use of fastercise. It is a tool that has helped with cravings during my busy days.

Dr. John W. - 49 y.o


Live your best life by learning how to time your exercise and meals according to your appetite in order to cancel your hunger and signal your body to work with you rather than against you.  In this groundbreaking book, Dr. Wilson lays out the science behind fastercise as well as simple, practical strategies for combining Fastercise with smart eating choices.  The Fastercise approach can provide excellent results for a wide range of people: seasoned athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and even those who dislike exercising or have physical limitations. Whatever your fitness goals are, Fastercise can help you achieve them.

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Thyroid and metabolism pioneer, Denis Wilson, MD has been helping doctors and patients correct persistently slow metabolism for about 30 years.  He is the creator of Fastercise fitness program.  He and his daughter, Allison Roberts, co-founded Fastercise in 2019.  The vision of Fastercise is to refresh human fitness the world over.

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