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7 Facts About Hunger and Burning Muscle
Published 3/18/2022

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A lot of people who make a diet or fasting plan try really hard to not eat a lot, making them hungry for long periods of time. This usually results in a rebound. After they've gone off this diet they gain the weight back and then some because they've slowed down their metabolism while burning muscle through fasting for extended periods of time. Going hungry is a sign that you're burning muscle, which slows down your metabolism. 


Fastercise is an approach that you can use to build muscle and lose fat without going hungry. That’s “going hungry” not “getting hungry”. You need to get hungry because that's a sign that you're running out of energy from a meal, but you don't have to go hungry because you can cancel your hunger with Fastercise.


7 Facts About Hunger and Burning Muscle

1. Glycogen Stops the Breakdown

When you start to run out of a meal, hunger is a sign that your insulin levels are dropping and that your body and brain need sugar again. Because of this, your body starts to break down muscle because it is a sugar supply. But there's something in our bodies called glycogen, which is the form that carbohydrates are stored in, found in the muscle and in the liver. Glycogen is broken down to protect your muscles from being broken down.


2. Your Body Will Burn Muscle Until Glycogen is Broken Down Instead

The thing that triggers the breakdown of glycogen is an increase in two amino acids called alanine and glutamine. So you might think that running out of a meal means that your body is burning

glycogen, causing hunger. However, what’s really happening is the body

is starting to burn muscle, the alanine and glutamine go up, and then

you start burning glycogen. You're burning glycogen to save your muscle

because your muscle is starting to break down.


3. Exercise Stops Hunger and the Breakdown

When you exercise, you are burning stored fat and glycogen and hunger

pains are minimal. This shows that it’s not the burning of fat and

glycogen that causes hunger and the breakdown of muscle because

when fat and glycogen are being burned, muscle is being built. High

intensity exercise, like Fastercise, causes muscle breakdown to stop,

and it also causes hunger to stop. So hunger is a sign that you're burning

muscle because when you start building muscle (exercising), hunger goes away.


4. Your Brain Wants Lactate

High-intensity exercise generates lactate, or lactic acid, which is actually preferred by the brain over glucose. By generating lactate you provide the glucose for the brain without having to break down muscle for glucose.


5. Eat Until You’re Satisfied

Leptin is the hunger satiety hormone and it goes up when we eat or when we're satisfied with a meal. It decreases the liver's conversion of protein to glucose, therefore decreasing appetite. The more it does this, the more your appetite decreases and muscle is preserved.


6. Hunger Increases Growth Hormone, Stopping the Breakdown of Muscle

Ghrelin is the hormone which causes hunger. When you don't eat, the amount of ghrelin and your appetite increase, releasing growth hormone. The purpose of growth hormone is to mobilize fat and glycogen in order to preserve muscle. Hunger increases ghrelin, increasing growth hormone which in turn spares your muscle from being broken down. Hunger is the warning signal that causes the body to produce more ghrelin, letting you know that you’re starting to burn muscle. 


7.Ketosis Prevents Muscle Breakdown

When people go on a ketogenic diet, they can go into ketosis. Ketosis is where your body starts making ketones because the carbohydrate supply is so low it doesn’t make as much glucose. To make up for the lack of glucose, the body makes ketones. The body initially works off of glucose, but when that store runs out, it switches to using ketones. As your body gets used to running off ketones, appetite and muscle breakdown decrease, confirming that hunger is a sign that you're burning muscle. Once you stop burning muscle, your hunger goes away. 


DON'T GO AROUND HUNGRY. The simple solution is to push off your appetite with Fastercise.


For More Information: Read the Book - The Power of Fastercise

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