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Fastercise is the science-backed, breakthrough fitness program that helps you get your body back!  Fastercise puts celebrity fitness within easy reach of everyone. And it’s possible with whatever crazy schedule you have. 

Everything you do physically, mentally, and emotionally is powered by your mitochondria (the powerhouses of your cells).  Fastercise strengthens and multiplies your mitochondria, which helps you live your best life from the inside out. Fastercise gives you the joy and power to do everything more easily, including burning fat and building muscle.  And the best part is that it only takes a few minutes a day.

​We get it.  You want a healthier, happier life and a brighter future.  With Fastercise, you can easily refresh your body and refresh your life.  Welcome to the Fastercise movement!

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Fastercise Beginnings

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Fastercise creator Denis Wilson, MD, has trained thousands of doctors to correct thyroid, metabolism, and body temperature problems over his 30-year career.  He's seen people struggle to lose extra body fat even when they get good test results, eat right, and exercise. Often, people would either maintain their weight or gain even more.  So he studied the most recent medical research looking for a solution.

And what did he find? ​You can easily lose excess fat by aligning your lifestyle with your body's survival mechanisms. This is accomplished by signaling your body with 1-2 minute bouts of instinctive exercise throughout the day. These bouts of exercise are timed with your appetite. If you don’t coordinate exercise with appetite, you can send your body mixed messages that counteract each other.  This can lead to frustrating results, like trying to drive your car by pressing the gas and brake pedals at the same time! You need to send the right signals at the right time. 

Fastercise is built on sound science that has helped many people lose excess fat, build muscle, and get their energy back. Fastercise Co-Founder and CEO (and also Denis' daughter) Allison Roberts entered a bodybuilding competition just 8 months after childbirth. But even more surprising? She only used Fastercise to train and no weightlifting. She was the first "guinea pig" on the Fastercise program and loved her results. This prompted her to quit her corporate finance job to start Fastercise, LLC, full-time with her dad.  

Denis and Allison are excited about helping people all over the world learn to snack on their fat to get their bodies back! 


The power of Fastercise lies not in the calories it burns but in the signals it sends.  Fastercise uses very little time and effort to “press buttons” in your body that help you burn fat, build muscle, tighten skin, improve healing and sleep, and many other benefits that come from a boosted metabolism. Fastercise is the key to sending your body clear directions on what to do with calories.  


Fastercising for a matter of seconds when you get hungry directs your body to snack on your stored fat and preserve your muscle.  This causes your hunger to go away within seconds, protecting your metabolism from slowing down.

Fastercise is the first fitness program to

1. Manage your exercise according to your appetite, and

2. Use instinctive exercise

​There is no faster and easier way to get fit than with the Fastercise program.

This is because Fastercise works in harmony with your body’s survival mechanisms. By doing 1-2 minute bouts of our instinctive exercises, several times throughout the day, you send a strong signal to mobilize your body’s stored energy. This makes your hunger go away in a matter of moments, and you might not be hungry again for up to 2 hours.​ By pushing off your hunger with exercise, you enjoy what we call “protected fasting.”


Perhaps the hardest thing about Fastercise is believing that something so simple and easy could possibly make such a difference. But it can, and it does for everyone willing to try.

To date, we’ve had close to a 100% success rate with clients who have implemented the program. 

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Screen Shot 2020-03-17 at 7.00.58 AM.png review:

"Science not found in the keto and fasting books"

The Power of Fastercise is a thorough science and practical-approach book for those who want to know more about exercise, metabolism, body temperature, and ketosis. The book filled holes in my own knowledge that other books had not. It helped me understand why we might shiver and yawn for reasons not normally attributed to these activities, and why this might be harnessed for weight loss. And left me with new questions about fast exercise and how to harmonize our intentions with our metabolisms. Wilson's curiosity about how the body works, and his diligence to understand its function at the edge of what's known, has led to theories which are among the gems of the wellness and fitness genre today. His ideas fit fairly well with theories by Jason Fung, Michael Mosley, Dave Asprey, Josh Axe, …maybe even Scott Carney, Loretta Graziano Breuning, and Daniel Z. Lieberman (each of these authors gives a piece of a great puzzle). I listened to this entire book in one session. Highly recommend!


  • Fastercise uses your hunger to signal the perfect times to exercise throughout the day


  • Fastercise uses instinctive exercises so natural, you do them automatically: shivering and stretching in the morning


  • First program to use “protected fasting”  


  • First program designed specifically to increase the size and number of your mitochondria


  • Boosts your immune system and your resistance to disease


  • Helps you start "younging" instead of aging 


  • Helps you feel more rested with less sleep


  • Improves mental focus and stamina 


  • Increases endorphins and “happy feelings”

  • Lets your appetite count your calories so you don't have to

  • Increases your food enjoyment, rather than leaving you miserable


  • Can be used with virtually any kind of diet


  • Doesn’t require you to buy special food, drinks, or supplements to reap the benefits of our program. But you can purchase some of our helpful products


  • You can build muscle and burn fat all day with about five 1-minute bursts of exercise throughout the day 


  • You can easily target the muscles you want to build and define


  • You can see muscle growth and definition within a week


  • Can be done anywhere, anytime, in any apparel (no need to change into workout clothes or running shoes!)


  • Doesn't require any equipment or gym membership


  • Anyone can do it, from a recovering patient to a seasoned athlete. Fitness with Fastercise is completely individualized 


  • Compatible with many other forms of recreation and exercise

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