Our Vision:

To Refresh Human Fitness the World Over

Our Mission:

Total Fitness Freedom for Everyone

Fastercise Co-Founders

Denis Wilson and Allison Roberts

Get in on the ground-floor of Fastercise's

game-changing fitness program aimed at refreshing human fitness the world over!

As a Fastercise Trainer, you'll be your own boss and can have either a part-time or full-time income!

Enjoy working a 

flexible schedule 

from anywhere while making a huge difference in your clients' lives!


Fastercise Foundation LEVEL 1 Certification
Fastercise Foundation LEVEL 2 Certification

Sample Certification Materials

Steps to Becoming Certified




Purchase one of the Fastercise Certifications

All are good options; whichever certification lends itself best to your goals, we recommend starting with that. 

Fill out the Form Below to Connect with a Guru

Everyone that is certified is assigned a Fastercise Guru to answer any questions and provide support along the way

Study the Materials Included in your Certification

1. The Power of Fastercise

2. Fastercise Trainer's Handbook

3. Video Presentation



Pass the Online Certification Exam 

You have 5 attempts to pass the exam, and you need a 90% or higher to pass.  There is no time limit, and it's open book/open note.

Begin Training Clients or Referring Patients! 

Fastercise maintains a client referral program with certified trainers. According to our sales, we'll refer clients your way. But you can also sign up people you meet with your unique trainer's ID. If you're a doctor and want to refer patients to Fastercise, we'll set you up as a Fastercise Partner Clinic.


Enjoy Continued Training and Support 

As soon as you purchase our certification, you'll be assigned a Guru, who will walk you through everything related to training clients. Just like you're there for your clients, we'll be there for you!

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