Fastercise #GetWinded Challenge

Shiver to beat obesity.

Did you know that shivering for 60 seconds can get rid of your hunger for up to 2 hours? When you shiver hard enough to get winded, you release so much energy that your hunger goes away. Turns out, this is a great way to lose weight on a busy schedule. 

How to do the #GetWinded Challenge




Accept the challenge, be a champion

Hi champ! You've probably been nominated by a friend. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to complete the #GetWinded challenge within the next 24 hours and nominate three other people to join you. 

Video yourself shivering as fast as you can for up to 60 seconds (you might be done by 30 seconds)

The goal of this exercise is to speed up your breathing to the point of being so winded, you can't talk. This will push off your hunger anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours


Post your video to social media, tagging and challenging at least three of your friends

Spread the fun and nominate three of your friends to post their best shivering videos. We also recommend tagging your video with the hashtags #GetWinded and #Fastercise. You can include the link in your post for people to learn more about the #GetWinded movement.  

Example Post:

Dr. David Stuckey, DO

I just shivered to beat obesity! And my son just thinks it's hilarious. I nominate my friends John Smith, Jane Doe, and Billy Bob to do the #GetWinded challenge! You have 24 hours, so get to it!                                #GetWinded        #Fastercise  

How to post on Social Media

Help beat obesity with the #GetWinded Challenge 

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Get Winded Challenge_4.png
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These statistics show that current fitness methods just aren't working for the vast majority of adults 

Obesity is a modern disease which has tripled since 1975.8 Old ways of doing fitness simply don't fit into most schedules

Shivering is the fastest and easiest way to get fit. We want to share this breakthrough with everyone

The obesity pandemic has a simple solution.
Help spread the word.   #GetWinded

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How does it work?

Shivering is the body's fastest way to release stored fuel (fat).  When you shiver you can burn 120 times more fuel than you do at rest!

Burning this fuel requires more oxygen so your breathing gets deeper and faster, increasing the amount of air you breathe about 20-fold over resting.

Getting out-of-breath-winded triggers your body to release a tremendous amount of fuel from your fat stores.

By shivering intentionally, you can release so much energy that your hunger goes away for 30 minutes to 2 hours.  Try it and see for yourself!

This means you can eat less without going hungry and without your metabolism slowing down. 

Shivering speeds up your metabolism and helps you lose weight at the same time. 

It's almost like magic, but it's really just science. 

Why does it work?

Dr. Denis Wilson, MD, is a world-renowned expert in thyroid and metabolism. He has spent his 30-year career teaching thousands of doctors his innovative approaches to treating thyroid and metabolism. 

The Power of Fastercise is his most recent breakthrough. This book outlines the science of how shivering suppresses appetite while boosting metabolism. 


This book references over 250 clinical studies, and is full of scientific breakthroughs. 

Everything we do here at Fastercise is founded in this book. We believe science can unlock true human potential, and we are learning more every day. 

Book Cover.png

Dr. Denis Wilson, MD

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I just did the #GetWinded challenge! It's crazy that shivering for less than a minute can be such a workout I nominate Denis Wilson , Nick Pray , and Lindsey Marx Strother to shiver with me! You have 24 hours, and here's your mission (should you choose to accept it): 

#GetWinded Challenge:

1. Post a video of you shivering for 30 - 60 seconds

2. Tag your video with #Fastercise and #GetWinded

3. Nominate 3 of your friends to complete the challenge within 24 hours

If you want to learn more about it, check out!

Type the "@" symbol. Begin typing your friend's name to open a drop-down menu of suggested friends. Click your friend's thumbnail image from the menu to add their username as a link.