Can I still do sports that I enjoy with Fastercise?

You can still do pretty much anything you already enjoy in addition to Fastercise. Just be aware that thirty to forty-five minutes of demanding physical activity such as cycling, jogging, intense gym exercise, etc.) deplete your body’s energy stores (particularly glycogen) which can make it difficult or impossible to push off hunger for very long with Fastercise and to flex your muscles as hard as possible. Activities you can do while still having a conversation do not deplete your energy stores as much.

Ironically, thirty to forty-five minutes of strenuous exercise may also send your body the signal to conserve its energy stores. This explains why some people that run on a treadmill for 45 minutes three times a week can actually gain weight. Shockingly, you may find that you burn more fat and build more muscle by simply Fastercising 5 minutes a day!

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