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How do I know I’m doing Shivercise right?

When you move your muscles, they generate acid. The faster you move them the faster they generate acid. When the acid levels get too high in your muscles they start to slow down or even stop moving. To be able to keep moving your muscles, your breathing speeds up to lower acid levels in your muscles. The faster you shiver the faster the acid builds up and the faster you breathe. If you shiver fast enough, you will feel so “winded” or “out-of-breath” that you’ll feel like you have to start slowing down and you’ll be able to catch a full, deep breath. This full, deep breath is your sign that you have overcome your mitochondria so thoroughly that you’ve have signaled your body to make more mitochondria so your body can be better prepared the next time you decide to shiver.

No, you don’t have to be cold to shiver. You can voluntarily shiver even when you’re not cold. You might wonder if you can get the same benefit from having your body vibrated by a machine. If you don’t get winded enough to catch a deep breath you are not achieving the same effect. Most adults rarely (if ever) exercise so fast that they get so winded that they catch a deep breath and have to stop. For one thing, many people might hurt themselves if they tried to run that fast, but by moving your body as fast as you possibly can for about 1 minute, you can safely involve many muscles at once and you might easily get results that you’ve never seen before. You may find that you can run faster and longer and sprint harder than you have before, even though you’re not running regularly.

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