How often do I Shivercise and Tightercise throughout the day?

Two or three rounds of Shivercise, eat, Tightercise in any given day is enough to give you excellent results. By pushing off your hunger with Shivercise, then eating until you’re no longer hungry, you will find that you only need to eat 3 times a day, and maybe only twice. This isn’t because you’re depriving yourself, but because you simply don’t need to eat as much as before. Since you’re tapping into stored body-fat, you’re still “well-fed” without needing to eat as much. You can simply make sure to Shivercise before you eat and Tightercise after.

Of course, you can Fastercise at other times as well. For example, if you ever feel chilly you can Fastercise to warm up. You can Fastercise when you’re feeling drowsy and want to wake up and increase your mental focus and productivity for a time. You can also Fastercise to let off some stress or to have fun, celebrate life, and lift your spirits.

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