What is "Shivercise" or shivering?

Shivercise is a type of exercise that mimics shivering, which you do automatically and instinctively when you get cold. You shiver because shivering uses up energy and generates heat faster than any other form of exercise. But, you don’t need to be cold to get the same benefits from shivering. Shivercise is voluntary shivering that sends such a powerful signal to your body to feed off your stored fat and glycogen that your hunger will vanish in seconds and may not come back for 30 minutes to 2 hours. When you eat a meal, you release so much energy from your food that you may not be hungry again for hours. When you Shivercise, you release so much energy from your energy stores that you may not be hungry again for hours. With Shivercise (and Tightercise), you are literally directing your body to “snack on your storage.” This allows you to get lean and toned quickly and effectively without going hungry. You Shivercise by shaking your muscles very rapidly, no more than about an inch in either direction, for up to about 1 minute. There are many positions you can use to do Shivercise, but the important thing is that you get so winded that you have to catch a full deep breath when you’re done. That shows that you’ve overwhelmed your mitochondria, which sends a strong signal to your body to increase the size and number of your mitochondria.

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