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Fastercise with Kids
Published 3/27/2022

Kid's Playing Outdoor

How to Help Your Kids Stay Active




Obesity is becoming a huge problem, especially in the United States, with 7 in 10 adults and around 20% of children being obese. People who struggle with obesity from a young age have a much harder time losing weight in the future. The leading cause of death is heart disease with its primary contributors being obesity and lack of exercise. The modern lifestyle today has made it difficult to stay healthy and active, not because people have less willpower or are less educated, but simply because schedules are more demanding, leaving less time for exercise. 


This is why Fastercise is a great, modern lifestyle change. By just taking five minutes every day to do what your body instinctively knows to do, you can avoid these problems in your life and help others avoid them as well. Implementing Fastercise into your family and teaching your children how to control their weight, their appetite, their metabolism, and how to burn their fat stores can help save your children from a lifelong problem with obesity.


Fastercise with Kids


With everything available today on the internet, video games, and phones, kids are spending less time exercising and being active. To help them avoid problems with obesity and other chronic illnesses in the future, parents need to create a fun environment where kids can get active. Fastercise is a great program for kids because it comes naturally to them. 


When children are playing, they are getting winded often, which is the whole goal of Fastercise. By getting winded, you are strengthening and growing the number of mitochondria in the body and getting energy from stored fat. In turn, this increase in energy makes them feel excited and alive, giving them more desire to keep going and playing. 


As humans get older, we sometimes unlearn things that are beneficial to our health and bodies. Most people consider running as a normal, commonplace exercise today, but it only became so around 1968. Before then, it was uncommon for the average individual. By using Fastercise with children, parents can relearn how to get winded and energized from using fat stores while helping their kids maintain physical activity and develop healthy habits. This healthy lifestyle will also help to improve self-image and confidence as children mature.


Fastercise in Schools


In the future, Fastercise would be a great addition to the typical day within the public school system because it is a phenomenal way to improve your learning ability and retention. By taking a one minute break and doing Fastercise, people are much better at absorbing and retaining what they are being taught. Instead of having children sit for six hours every day straight, providing them time to be able to break it up will increase their learning capabilities.

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