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Fitness should fit easily into your schedule.

Fastercise is a fitness program that understands you have a life. So, we do our best to make fitness fit into the spare minutes you have throughout the day. With the Fastercise app, you don't have to change your schedule, go to the gym, or even change your clothes to get fit. Finally, you can get real results on your terms!

Fastercise is a revolutionary approach to fitness that harnesses your body’s natural instincts and takes anyone from out of shape to super fit in just 5 minutes a day. We make exercise easy to learn and easy to follow, and give you delicious nutrition recommendations to keep you satisfied. 

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Is this legit?

Fastercise is supported by doctors, nutritionists, and fitness experts all over the globe. By combining the findings from over 250 medical studies, we've cracked the code on fitness for modern life. And we've helped people just like you get fit, no matter how busy. If you're a surgeon, or a stay-at-home mom, busy professionals, or someone in-between, we can help you get in shape. 

Why choose Fastercise? 

Fastercise is the fastest and easiest fitness available, period. We are the only fitness program to offer real results in just 5 minutes a day. And you don't need any equipment, or even a change of clothes. 

Whether you're looking to lose weight, build muscle, tone-up, gain more energy, or recovery from injuries, we're here for you. By working in harmony with your body and your schedule, we'll build a fitness program that you can actually do.


Our secret is harnessing your body's natural instincts. Believe it or not, your body knows the best ways to get in shape. Fastercise helps you use these instincts intentionally, more often, to get fit. 

Who is Fastercise made for? 

  • Fitness newbies

  • Former athletes with busy schedules

  • People who want to supplement their current fitness programs

  • Busy professionals

  • Stay-at-home mom's

  • Dad's who don't want dad-bod's

  • People recovering from injuries, pregnancy, and more

  • Travelers who want fitness to travel with them

  • Retirees who want to keep muscle mass 

Can kids do Fastercise? 

Yes, absolutely. Fastercise is safe for people of all ages. We've found that children can gain mental clarity and focus through these exercises, especially during the school day. So any exercises that you see on the Fastercise app, you can also teach your children.


We also offer in-school assembly-style training to help kids and teachers learn Fastercise. For more information, please e-mail

What do you need to be successful when starting your Fastercise fitness program? 

  1. An Open Mind: trust us, we know that our program is innovative. For example, you've probably never seen someone intentionally shiver. Does it really work? Yes, it can, you just need to give it a chance. 

  2. Follow the Process: Fastercise works really well if you follow the steps in our app. There's a lot of science behind the program, but we've boiled everything down to some very simple steps. 

  3. Plan Ahead: Decide when and where you want to do your 1-minute exercises. Also use our extensive recipe and meal plan library to plan meals for your week. Preparation makes in-the-moment decision very easy.

  4. Start! Starting a new fitness program can be hard, but we make it as easy as humanly possible. Once you get started with our app, you can easily track your success and celebrate your little victories. Many clients see results in just a couple days, so just start!

  5. Let Habits Develop: Fastercise gives you the best of both worlds: you see results pretty much right away, but it's also really easy to sustain over the long term. Our app is designed to help you develop healthy habits and be fit over the long term. 

Now, let's learn how to get the most out of Fastercise

There are 4 main tabs in the Fastercise app, and one easy process to follow. 

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Exercise: you'll access our premium video library with our follow-along exercise videos. You'll also access our short training tutorials that teach Fastercise for beginners/intermediates/experts, building different muscle groups, postpartum recovery, chronic health conditions, and so much more. 

Journal:  we use the best habit-building technology around to help you stay motivated. You'll get reminders to do your exercises, a place to check off your exercises throughout the day, and trend lines so you can see all your progress over time. The app will give you personalized recommendations to keep your momentum going, and will also set you up with an accountability partner.

Connect: you'll be able to connect with Fastercise certified trainers and other Fastercisers to share your experiences and ask questions. Let's be real: it's more fun when you can join a community of people all over the world!

Food: this feature is coming soon, and you'll access our premium recipe and meal plan library with food for every occasion and craving. You'll also access our short training tutorials that teach you simple food do's and do not's for burning fat, building muscle, getting tone, and more. But here's the best part: you don't have to go around hungry. As we like to say, if you're going around hungry, you're doing it wrong. 

1. Exercise

We provide top exercises and tutorials for you to jumpstart your success. New exercises are available to be cycled into your fitness program to keep things interesting. You can focus on specific body parts, and emphasize different exercises to reach your goals. 

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2. Journal

You have the best likelihood of success when you see your progress regularly. In our app, you can check off your exercises throughout the day. We celebrate your little victories with you (literally), and we show your progress over time. You can add notes of how you're feeling as well. 


3. Connect

Our forum gives you access to the Fastercise community! Here, you'll be able to connect with Fastercise certified trainers and other Fastercisers. You can post questions to the community, share your results, and find new friends. 


4. Food - Coming Soon

We believe eating should be fun and easy, so we've put together an extensive library of delicious recipes. It's easy to search for whatever you want based on time to prepare, food type, fitness goals, and more. We also have tutorials to teach you how food supports your fitness goals. There's absolutely NO CALORIE COUNTING involved. And as we say, if you're going around hungry, you're doing it wrong.  

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