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How to Maximize Your Daily Routine with Fastercise
Published 3/18/2022




Fastercise and Eating Schedule
  1. Experience hunger - push off hunger for 30 minutes to 2 hours by shivering

  2. Experience hunger again - eat until your hunger goes away, no more, no less

  3. After eating - within 1 hour, do 1 Tightercise routine

*Repeat these steps each time you eat a meal - typically 3 times per day.


Additional Tips


Stay away from snacking because it throws off your metabolic cycle. And by maintaining a regular eating schedule every day, you will be able to more effectively build muscle and burn fat.


Don't go hungry because if you are going hungry, you're sending the body a message that you're out of resources and need to go into conservation mode to save energy. Fastercise is all about how to lose weight without going hungry. By pushing off your hunger with Fastercise you will lose weight. Eat until you’re satisfied, no more, no less.


Start Your Day With Fastercise:

Fastercise is a great way to wake up because tightening occurs naturally anyways. This initiates the movement of fat and glycogen to help you get a good start on the day. Your body needs this energy from tightening to help you get started because your body has been fasting overnight. 

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