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Introductory  Live Training

1-on-1 Monthly Training





for maximum health and happiness

1. Live 1-day training for all members

2. Demonstration and participation in:

    - The world's fastest and easiest                       fitness program

    - Signaling exercise that gives energy              and focus throughout the day

    - Reducing body fat and hunger                      with Fastercise

3. Learning the ground-breaking science behind Fastercise

4. A week of phone and e-mail support for all participants



1. Personalized 1-on-1 coaching for members on a monthly subscription

2. Proactive Support with

    - Weekly check-in's initiated by                     caring trainers, which also increases         success likelihood by 60% 

    - Personalized meal plan

    - Personalized exercise plan

3. Fastercise Mobile App which combines all needed materials in one easy place

4. With permission, member progress reported monthly to organization

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Why does the world need Fastercise?

In 2013, this was THE COST OF PHYSICAL INACTIVITY globally in healthcare expenditure and lost productivity. 


 5   Million 

Estimated global 


from a sedentary lifestyle per year -- almost as many as smoking. 


We take about 1/3 the STEPS OUR ANCESTORS TOOK on average. 


A sedentary lifestyle DOUBLES THE RISK OF MORTALITY due to cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and obesity.  


of AMERICAN JOBS ARE SEDENTARY or require only light physical activity. 

 what Should You do? 

Since most of us work like this  

And not like this 

We need a modern fitness solution for our modern life

the Answer is



Do Fastercise at your desk, home, conference room,  or on the moon, all with the same effectiveness. 

In Any Attire

In 5-10 Minutes a Day

With No Required Gear


You can do Fastercise anytime; it's especially helpful to minimize your hunger, fatigue, and lack of focus

Knowledge is power. When you know how to do the right exercises, all you need is your own body. What a liberation from costly gym equipment!

There really is no faster or easier way to get fit on the planet. You can do this program in 1-minute chunks throughout the day. 

You don't need to change your clothes or get sweaty doing Fastercise. From a wedding to your biggest presentation, we've got you covered. 


Gain Energy and Focus

Fastercise focuses on building mitochondria, which are the body's "powerhouses." Some Fastercisers have gained back two hours each day with their extra energy. 

Lose Excess Weight

Build Muscle

Fastercise enables us to burn stored energy for fuel. Suddenly, you don't need to eat as often/as much and you drop body fat very rapidly. 

Muscle helps us maintain good health long-term, and also feel strong. With Fastercise, you can build and maintain muscle in just minutes a day.

Many health problems can be treated or eased with Fastercise.  The body is essentially "reset to factory mode" and health problems from Hashimoto's disease to high blood pressure are improved.

Boost Metabolism

Getting Started


SIgn up for organization Training


Schedule your Training (in-person or virtual)


Learn how to Fastercise with your Organization


Set your members  up for Continued Success*

*This last step is optional but highly recommended. For just $55/month/person, you can give your members 1x1 training with a Fastercise Certified Trainer. They will receive personalized workout and meal plans, accountability check-in's, emotional and mental health support, and so much more.  


If maximum health, happiness, and productivity is your goal, Fastercise Training is the solution.  


William S.

I can do the Tightercise right at my desk and no one knows what I'm doing.  I can exercise almost anywhere, at any time, and it doesn't take up a lot of time.  It's a great way to stay in shape. 

McKinsey M.

I felt so alone and out of options.  This program has been a game-changer for me.  First real results in 10 years.  I'm down 55 pounds in about 6 months and it's so exciting!  Fastercise feels sustainable for life.

Sheradyn H.

In the afternoon, Fastercise is giving me an hour and a half to two hours of time [back] because I have the energy I need. With Fastercise, I get this huge burst of energy I didn't know was possible. 

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