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Are you ready to be Astounded?

Easy does work. 

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Program Includes

Our Fastercise Certified Trainers complete rigorous training to understand and apply the Fastercise principles. 

And, did you know that you're 60% more likely to succeed if you have a plan and someone to follow your progress? We're here for you and we'll help you succeed!

Your Trainer

The Fastercise Mobile App brings all the materials you need into one easy location. 

Want recipe ideas, instruction videos, and a means to track your progress all in one place? You get all that with the Fastercise app included in your plan. 

Fastercise App

Not sure how or when to exercise? We'll design the Fastercise program around your daily schedule so you can live your life and get fit. 


Unlike other programs, Fastercise saves you time. A few minutes of Fastercise a day can help you free

 an extra 2 hours of your time

each day.

Personalized Exercise Plan

Not sure what you should eat? We'll make a plan for you!


With a personalized meal plan, recipe recommendations, and a trainer happy to answer any questions, you'll be

eating happy and healthy

the whole way through. 

Personalized Meal Plan





Weekly Checkins

Your trainer will support you through the program by teaching you the concepts and answering any questions you have. 

Your Fastercise Trainer  will contact YOU at least once weekly to help keep you on track! 


William S.

I can do the Tightercise right at my desk and no one knows what I'm doing.  I can exercise almost anywhere, at any time, and it doesn't take up a lot of time.  It's a great way to stay in shape. 

McKinsey M.

I felt so alone and out of options.  This program has been a game-changer for me.  First real results in 10 years.  I'm down 55 pounds in about 6 months and it's so exciting!  Fastercise feels sustainable for life.

Indira S.

My all time favorite is shivercise.  It's super easy and quick to do at work.  Thank you Thank you [Hugs]

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Benefits of Fastercise

Fat Loss
Greater Strength
Muscle Growth
Increased Energy
Decreased Insulin Resistance
Mitochondria Growth
Metabolic Rate Improvement
Increased Mental Focus
Improved Appearance of Wrinkles
Greater Control of Appetite
Chronic Disease Symptom Improvement
Better Quality of Sleep

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