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Why Do We Call it Fastercise?
Published 4/6/2022

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There are four specific reasons that Fastercise is the chosen name for this program.  



Fastercise workouts are quick, and in total, take up less than 5 minutes of your day. Each individual shivering or tightening exercise can be done in 60 seconds without changing your clothes, going to the gym, or even putting on your shoes. One of the hardest hurdles for people to get over as they start their weight-loss journey is finding the motivation to go to the gym and with Fastercise that is completely cut out of the equation. It allows your mind to focus on the other things that you have going on in your life, without stressing about making time for fitness.



The shivering exercises of the Fastercise program all involve very fast movements. The movements are so fast that your body can only handle them for about 60 seconds before getting completely winded. This is very different and more effective than typical forms of exercise because you’re using up ATP faster than your mitochondria can make it. This causes the mitochondria to grow in strength and numbers which is the goal because they are the fat burning parts of the cell.



With Fastercise, doing less is more. That is why it brings such fast results. The thing is, it’s not really less because you’re getting your body more winded in 60 seconds of shivering than you do in 2 hours of other exercises. Fastercise is a high-intensity exercise program. Visit the “Results” tab of our website to see how Fastercise has helped other people like you on their fitness journeys.


Fastercise works really well with intermittent fasting. It almost lends itself to intermittent fasting, Not so much because you have to stay within a certain window of time to eat, but because with Fastercise, you're able to push your hunger off comfortably. Some things that many people associate with fasting are a slower metabolism and lower body temperature caused by going hungry. But when you push off your hunger with Fastercise, you can be comfortable while you're fasting. You can put off your appetite and clean out your system without slowing down your metabolism.

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