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Healing your Sports Injuries
Published 3/27/2022

Sports Injury

How Can Fastercise Help You Heal?


Almost everyone, at some point in our lives, will experience some kind of injury that will prevent us from exercising for a while, making the return to physical activity even more difficult.

The Healing Process


The healing process requires a few things:

  1. Good Nutrition - get enough vitamins and nutrients.

  2. Power and Energy - eat the right foods and get good sleep.

  3. Repair Processes - certain processes help in the process of recovery 

    1. Growth Hormone - aids in reparation of cartilage, bones, and tendons 

    2. Lactate - aids in reparation of skin

                    *Growth Hormone and Lactate are both generated by Fastercise

In the process of recovery, the local parts of your body still need exercise and use. Just because your ankle is broken, does not mean that you should stop giving your arms the exercise and work they need. An injury should not keep you from exercising the rest of your body. By using Fastercise, you can build every muscle while still resting the injury.


Immune Function


Immune function also plays a key role in the reparative process and at the center of this is the mitochondria who create the power needed to fuel the repairs. The most important thing to do as you are recovering from an injury is to have plenty of power from your mitochondria. Fastercise is a perfect way to get the energy because it is high intensity exercise which increases the size and number of your mitochondria.


The Role of Hormones


By doing one minute of high intensity exercise like Fastercise, you can feel that you've overwhelmed your muscles. Doing so boosts the four counter regulatory hormones: epinephrine, glucagon, cortisol, and growth hormone. These hits of hormones help your body to heal itself.

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