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What Makes Fastercise Unique

Fastercise works great as a standalone program, or as a supplement to other fitness programs. But how does it compare? Let's dive in. 

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Weight and Calisthenic Routines

There are many programs available that show you how to do exercises using exercise equipment at a gym or at home. The workouts are typically 25-45 minutes long, and a typical program may have you working out 6 days a week. ​

Fastercise is similar because: 

  • Fastercise has videos in our Fastercise Phone App that show you how to do each exercise

  • Fastercise can be done at home

  • Fastercise can be done 7 days a week very easily 

Fastercise is different because: 

  • Fastercise exercises don’t require any equipment! 

  • Fastercise can be done in just 5 minutes a day, broken up into 1-minute workouts

  • Fastercise can be done anytime, anywhere, in any attire: at home, office, park, grocery store, hotel room, in quarantine, at hospital, in meetings, wherever!

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Bodybuilding and other Weightlifting Programs

A typical bodybuilding or other weightlifting routine requires lifting weights at the gym for about 20-90 minutes, 3-6 times a week. Some days, it’s recommended that you “max out” and lift as much weight as you can. Other days, you take it easier and do more repetitions with less weight. 

Fastercise is similar because: 

  • You can build muscle size and definition with Fastercise

  • You can burn fat and chisel your physique with Fastercise 


Fastercise is different because: 

  • You don’t have to go to the gym and lift weights, AT ALL

  • You can completely max out your muscles without risking injury. And even better? You can build muscle far more efficiently with Tightercise than weightlifting. It’s a win-win.

  • You can focus directly on the muscle you want to build. With Fastercise, you know you’re targeting exactly the right muscle!  

  • Results come much more quickly. You can see muscle definition and growth in as little as a week with Fastercise. This is because Fastercise focuses on both preserving muscle AND building muscle.

  • Fastercise can be accomplished in 5 minutes a day

  • You don’t need to travel anywhere to do Fastercise. You can Fastercise right where you are: your home, office, car, grocery store, in meetings, in quarantine, hospital bed, wherever!

Fat-Based Diets and Keto-Centered Weight Loss

These programs focus on getting into ketosis so you can reap the benefits of the keto diet and intermittent fasting. To help you get into ketosis, there are many high-fat food and beverage products on the market to help you satisfy your energy needs without carbohydrates.

Fastercise is similar because: 

  • Fastercise recommends the keto (low-carb) diet if your primary goal is to lose weight

  • Fastercise has no calorie count recommendation

Fastercise is different because: 

  • Fastercise is the first program designed to help you enjoy “protected fasting”.  Hunger is a sign that you are burning muscle and slowing down your metabolism.  You can reduce these negative effects of fasting and push off your hunger with Fastercise, which releases stored body fat and satisfies your hunger. At the same time, you get a burst of energy, your body temperature rises, and your metabolism increases.

  • Fastercise has no calorie recommendation BECAUSE we teach you to listen to the signals your body is sending you and to eat just enough: not too much, not too little 

  • Fastercise doesn’t require you to buy special food, drinks, or supplements to reap the benefits of our program. But we do have some products that can be helpful for specific goals you may have. 

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

HIIT workouts often include 1-2 minute bouts of intense exercise separated by periods of rest.  Most HIIT workouts are not more than 30 minutes. The exercises performed can range from running to biking, burpees, crunches, etc.   Going all out with conventional exercise can be extremely taxing and uncomfortable. Such extreme activity may be difficult for most people to do on an ongoing basis and may not be safe for some people.​

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Fastercise is similar because: 

  • We believe that you can get incredible fitness results in a very short amount of time, or in our case, 1 minute

  • We believe that you should overwhelm your body by exercising as hard as possible for a short period of time

Fastercise is different because: 

  • Fastercise uses instinctive exercise, which is so natural that your body sometimes does it automatically. Here’s how our two instinctive exercises work: 

    1. Shivercise involves voluntarily shivering anytime you want to push off hunger 

    2. Tightercise involves tightening your muscles just like you do every morning when you wake up

  • Every person has their own individual fitness limit, and so long as you hit yours, you’ll be successful. 

  • Fastercise is extremely safe and can be done safely by almost anyone, from a seasoned athlete to a recovering patient.

  • Fastercise doesn’t require changing into workout clothes and running shoes or going to a gym or track. Rather, our exercises can be done in whatever clothes you’re wearing!

  • So long as you can sit, stand, or lie down, you have enough space. 

  • Our program doesn’t require you to buy expensive equipment or pay for a gym membership.  

  • Rather than getting a workout in about 3 times a week, we recommend doing 5 1-minute bursts of exercise throughout the day. So your whole day easily turns into a fat-burning, muscle building activity. And best of all? This fitness fits your lifestyle, whatever that looks like. 


CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program consisting mainly of a mix of aerobic exercise, calisthenics (body weight exercises), and Olympic weightlifting. To participate in Crossfit, you typically need a gym membership which typically costs between $100 and $200 per month depending on how many days a week you want to go. Each class typically lasts between 30 and 60 minutes total, and it’s recommended you workout 5 times a week. ​

Fastercise is similar because: 

  • You can get much stronger and muscular doing Fastercise than most other programs

  • Fastercise improves both cardio endurance and performance


Fastercise is different because: 

  • You don’t need to travel anywhere to do Fastercise. You can Fastercise right where you are: your home, office, car, grocery store, etc. 

  • You can do Fastercise in 5 minutes a day (time savings of about 25-55 minutes/day). This means that you can spend that time on things you really care about. 

  • You get the app and a personal trainer (everything you need to succeed) for $59.99/month.

  • You won’t risk injury. With Fastercise, you’re tightening your muscles as hard as possible, but independently of any equipment and with practically no risk of injury. You’re also overwhelming your body’s cardio capability, which will make you faster and stronger. 

Fitness Phone Apps 

There are countless phone apps that offer you motivation, exercise, and meal plan advice to help people lose weight

Fastercise is similar because: 

  • We have a phone app 

  • We believe that fitness should fit into your life, wherever you are in your fitness journey 


Fastercise is different because: 

  • Our Fastercise Phone App shows you how easy it can be for you to snack on your fat, get your body back, and stay fit for the rest of your life with the most natural and sustainable health and fitness program there is.

  • Fastercise is founded on new and ground-breaking science, rather than a collection of information that has been on the market for many years

  • Timing Fastercise according to your appetite amplifies your hormonal levels and sensitivities to maximize fat burning.  You can think of it as working with your body instead of against it, turning your body into your greatest ally instead of a stubborn opponent. 

  • We teach you to read the signals your body is sending you. These signals will help you decide when to eat and how much you need to eat. Suddenly the mystery around your diet is eliminated! Just eat what you need, and you’ll know it’s enough because your body tells you. 

  • We will never tell you how many calories you should be eating. 

  • The Fastercise App is only $14.99/month (much less than many other fitness apps). If you want a Fastercise Certified Trainer as well, it’s the same price as some other phone apps: $59.99

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Running and Other Heavy Cardio Programs

A running or other heavy-cardio program involves exercising for between 30-90 minutes about 3-6 times a week. Workouts can be done on a treadmill or outdoors, and can vary in tempo from easy- to fast-paced.

Fastercise is similar because: 

  • Fastercise can greatly improve your cardio power and endurance

  • Fastercise can give you endorphins and “happy feelings” to give you a boost throughout your day or week 


Fastercise is different because: 

  • Fastercise can be accomplished in 5 minutes a day, broken up into 1-minute workouts 

  • You don’t need to travel anywhere to do Fastercise. You can Fastercise right where you are: your home, office, car, grocery store, etc. 

  • Fastercise poses little to no risk of injury. When you do hard cardio, you may experience some stress injuries to your tendons, joints, or muscles. With Fastercise, you exert your body to its limits without risking injury. 

  • You will feel energized rather than depleted. When you follow a cardio-heavy program, it’s pretty common to feel sore, tired, and depleted during the day. But with Fastercise, you’ll have more energy than ever before. By focusing on building your mitochondria, your whole day will be energized!

Fitness Classes 

Typically, classes are held in a gym or recreation center, and classes last about an hour. Three classes a week is often recommended. 

Fastercise is similar because: 

  • Fastercise can be very fun and refreshing, and invigorating throughout the day

  • Fastercise recommends exercising to music to help refresh your mind and body

Fastercise is different because: 

  • It only takes a quick minute to do a bout of Fastercise and it seems like as soon as you get started, you’re done.

  • You don’t need to travel anywhere to do Fastercise. You can Fastercise right where you are: your home, office, car, grocery store, etc. 

  • Fastercise recommends working out every day, for just 5 minutes, so you can turn your entire day into a fat-burning activity


  • There is no faster and easier way to get fit

  • You can do Fastercise anywhere, anytime, in 5 minutes a day, without even changing your clothes

  • Tell your body to burn what you already have, instead of a new meal

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