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McKinsey is a professional designer and has been able to lose over 55 pounds in about 6 months with Fastercise! She has PCOS and insulin resistance, and with Fastercise she's been able to get results she hasn't seen with 10 years of other methods. Great job, McKinsey!


William has a demanding IT career and three kids to keep him busy. He uses Fastercise everywhere, from his desk to his home, to stay fit. It's been a time-saver and efficiency-maker for him, and he's going strong!


Chelsea is a young mom of three, and she's been able to get great results even with her hypothyroidism and Hashimoto's disease! She's 20 pounds down and still going strong!


Indira is a busy professional and she's been able to lose over 65 pounds in just minutes a day, even though she doesn't have a thyroid! Fastercise has been a great solution for her health and busy schedule. Great job, Indira!


Catherine is a Medical Doctor with her own practice, and has enjoyed combining Fastercise with her other fitness activities. It helps keep her focused and comfortable in her busy schedule. Keep it up, Catherine!


Sheradyn is a stay-at-home mom with two kids, and has loved getting back to her pre-baby weight! Her favorite part of Fastercise is having so much more energy: she now has two more hours a day to get things done. Go Sheradyn!


David is a doctor and father who has used Fastercise to manage his hunger throughout his busy days. Because of his experience, he's confident recommending Fastercise to his patients. Welcome to the movement, David!


Robin is a busy Nurse Practitioner, and has been able get back to her original pant size despite menopause and a hectic schedule. She's excited to help her patients feel great with the Fastercise program!

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