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Help your clients get fit in 60 seconds

Finally, an easy movement component to pair with nutritional recommendations. Fastercise helps clients get fit: 

  • Anytime

  • Anywhere

  • Without equipment

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The Science of Fastercise



Dr. Wilson is the creator of Fastercise. He is a thyroid and metabolism expert, and has dedicated his 30-year career to finding innovative approaches to health. With his unique attention to detail and out-of-the-box thinking, he's tackled one of the most challenging problems of our day: getting fit with a very busy schedule. He's the author of The Power of Fastercise, and co-founder of Fastercise. 

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Dr. Wilson's book, The Power of Fastercise, is the foundation of and scientific defense for the Fastercise method. This book references over 250 studies and provides an in-depth explanation of the Fastercise exercises, and how they interact with the body's hormones. While engaging, this book is not for the faint of heart, as it deep-dives into scientific explanations. 


Fastercise Uses Two Forms of Exercise


Shivering is the body's fastest way to burn stored fuel (fat). By shivering intentionally, you can release so much energy that your hunger goes away for up to 2 hours. 


Stretching in the morning (or flexing) is the body's fastest way to build muscle. By flexing intentionally throughout the day, you can build muscle tone and strength.

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The Fastercise App

We're here to give clients fast, easy, doable exercises

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Exercise Video Library

Choose exercises from our extensive video library

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Progress Journal

Track progress and celebrate victories

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Customized Daily Reminders

Get notifications to exercise throughout the day


Connect with Friends

Connect with other Fastercisers 

Hear what others have to say about Fastercising with health conditions like hypothyroidism and prediabetes

Happy Fastercisers

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"I've lost 67 pounds, 3 pants sizes, and 4 dress sizes. I don't have a thyroid. Before, I would always user the excuse, "No, I don't have a thyroid, I'm not gonna lose weight. I don't have a metabolism, it's dead." But every time I'm hungry and I don't have time to eat because I'm working, I just Fastercise and it makes my hunger go away. Once you get started and you see the pounds coming off, you just want to keep going, and that's what motivates me to keep going every day."


[I've lost 45 pounds in 6 months with Fastercise and stopped my prediabetes symptoms.] It's for anyone, anytime, anywhere. People say, "I can't! I don't have a gym." No, you can do Fastercise anywhere. "I don't have the time." No, it only takes 6, 7, 8 minutes a day. It is for everyone. So that's wonderful.

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"I lost 24 pounds in 3 months with the Fastercise program. I'm 62 years old, and feel more comfortable wearing a bikini now than ever before. With Fastercise, my stomach is flat for the first time in my life."

Health professionals and researchers weigh in on the Fastercise method

Experts Weigh In

David Brownstein, MD


International Lecturer and Best-Selling Author


We are becoming fatter and sicker, and we need a new paradigm to improve our health. Anyone can implement Dr. Wilson's program to not only lose weight but to improve their immune function. I will recommend Fastercise to my patients.

Stephen Anton, PhD

Chief of Clinical Research, University of Florida

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"The ability to amplify and extend the effects of intermittent fasting through short bursts of exercises that can be done anywhere holds great promise for fat loss and improving metabolic health."

Mark Menolascino, MD

Internal Medicine and Anti-Aging Specialist


"Fastercise is the solution that so many of us need today. Not a gimmick or a shortcut, Fastercise is based on tried-and-true principles. Perfect for more success in reaching health goals."

Get Fastercise Certified

Fastercise LEVEL 1 Certification

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Level 1 Certification (3).png

Fastercise LEVEL 2 


Perfect for people without a medical background. Gives a high-level explanation of the science. Provides Fastercise certification and the ability to train clients in Fastercise. 

Perfect for people with a medical background (doctors, nurses, etc). Gives an in-depth explanation of the science. Provides Fastercise certification, the ability to train clients in Fastercise, and the opportunity to refer patients to the Fastercise app. 

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